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Update #5 - KiSmet K/S con, UK 2016

Posted on behalf of the KiSmet Con co-chairs.

Welcome to the May update for KISMET!

Our big news this month is that the Con venue has been moved! We are still at Lane End, of course, but we will now be occupying the impressive Wycombe Hall, rather than Wycombe Court or Lodge. Take a look at it if you haven't already.

The main advantage of this suite is that all of the Con rooms, including the dining room, are situated on the ground floor. This is also the case for most of the bedrooms, which, as before, are all well appointed en suite rooms. We are naturally very pleased to report this, as it will really help people who cannot manage stairs easily. So now, there is no need to worry. Lane End have assured us that we will have the Hall all to ourselves, of course. If anyone has questions about the venue, please ask us. Our Kismet Con website has already been updated with this news - some of you might have noticed!


Following a suggestion, we are considering something a bit different for the first evening, namely a K/S related concert! So, if anyone has talent and/or abilities to share, please message or email us. We are thinking musical instruments, filking, other singing, dancing, acting tableaux or specific scenes, reciting favourite Kirk inspirational speeches or K/S poetry, or any other ideas around these themes you may have. Looking forward to hearing what a gifted bunch of attendees we have.... Maybe!

Costume Dinner

By now your homes should be a froth of lace, ruffles, sequins and beads - in your imagination, if not in reality! Remember that Saturday dinner features a costume contest and there is (of course) a prize for best costume or accessory as voted for by other attendees, with an extra prize if the costume is specifically K/S related. If you are not wearing costume (and why not?!) then it's up to you what you wear: printed T-shirts are always lovely (but won't win you a prize) as are tutus, tuxedos and tiaras. Ditto dungarees, dresses, doublets and dinner jackets!


We have had some really wonderful, exciting suggestions for panels and workshops, and some even more wonderful people have volunteered to lead them. Many grateful thanks and hugs to each and every one of them! We still have a couple of slots to fill, however (we want to keep you all busy and entertained!) so if you would like to run a panel, please do say. We have some ideas for subjects if you don't have any of your own, so get in touch if you need inspiration. We're a very friendly bunch and don't bite (unless you're a tall, dark, gorgeous Vulcan male, in which case all bets are off) and we just love listening to ideas and opinions about K/S - and giving our own - so don't be shy!

Song Vids

Please get your competition entries to Larissa as soon as you can; deadline is July 15. More details at the Con website.

If anyone wants a suggestion, how about some of the songs from Kismet, the musical? No, not a musical about running a Con (The Rocky Horror Show already did that!) but a show full of lovely songs. K/S to 'This is my Beloved' or 'Stranger in Paradise', maybe? Just a thought...


We have already had some lovely submissions for the Photomanip category, but are keen for lots more! Please email your entries to us at kismetcon@gmail as soon as they are ready (and no later than 1 August), as we intend to display these digitally over the weekend.

For photomania and other art, you can bring your submissions with you (or post them if you're a supporting member - just email for a snail mail address), but please let us know in advance (by 1 August) what you're bringing. Any feathers or sparkles left over from your costume will look just beautiful adorning a photomania picture, of course!

There is no limit on the number of pieces you can submit, but please remember that your fellow attendees need to have time to see everything and vote for their favourites over the weekend. Also, we have a reasonable amount of wall space but if you are a secret Rothko with twenty four, 12 foot square canvases entitled 'The inside of a Tribble', or want to display both sides of a severed Gorn a la Damien Hirst, we may run out of space!

Cake pics

We've had some delightful and romantic entries for this and all registered attendees (except for those who entered), have been voting on them. It's a long wait until September to see the result, but it'll be well worth it!

Con Zine (story & poetry competition)

Again, we've started receiving entries for this, which is very exciting. The closing date is July 10, so we hope you are already scribbling or typing or whatever... Don't forget to include the two required words 'augment' and 'gratuitous' in your story (and tell us where they appear when you submit it). You don't need to include the words in any poetry submission, though you can if you want to ; somebody already has, so let that spur you on!

We know there are lots of great writers out there and we are very much looking forward to receiving some amazing entries!

Bring & Buy

Hope you are all thinking about clearing out your cupboards of any unwanted Star Trek stuff (if there is such a thing) so you can bring it along to the Con to sell; there will be a couple of opportunities to do so over the weekend. Don't forget that one woman's discarded toy is another woman's treasure. So, if you have any unused Pon Farr Perfume (as currently selling on Amazon - yes, really!) or a spare copy of the Vulcan Karma Sutra, just bring 'em along. Someone is bound to love them...

Bed & Breakfast?

For anyone wanting to extend their stay in the area before or after the Con, Chris has a list of local B&Bs. Just drop us an email and we'll send it to you. We haven't tried them out personally, so you'll have to make up your own minds about them, but at least it might save you a bit of searching.

And finally...


As you all know, in the best traditions of IDIC, this Con is a celebration of all forms of K/S. Although the main focus will be on TOS and the first six movies, the Abramsverse movies will be featured and respected too as we know that lots of K/S fans, including many of those coming to the Con, very much enjoy watching them and reading the fanfic. Star Trek Beyond will be out by then and we're sure there will be lots of discussion about it, as well art and stories based on it!

Live long and prosper.

Anne & Chris

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