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Update #4

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Posted on behalf of the KiSmet Con co-chairs.

Welcome to the March update for KISMET!

We are now well into the twenties with registrations, but can always do with more - so if you are planning to sign up, please do so as soon as you can! More attendees means more opinions, more discussion, more laughing and even more fun!

Please get in touch with Chris on if you have any questions about registration. And don't forget our made-to-measure instalments plan, available if you need it! There will, of course, come a point in a few months when we have to give final figures to Lane End, our convention venue, and then registrations will close, but don't worry, we'll give you plenty of notice of that! However, to avoid any last minute panics, sign up now!!! This Con is an absolute bargain! Did we mention that it is cheaper than our 2013 price?! Wow! As a quick reminder, the price of £235 is the 'all-in' price, covering two nights accommodation, two breakfasts, two dinners, two lunches AND snacks n drinks! All you will need is some spending money for raffle tickets and maybe a souvenir or two!

Of course, if you really cannot attend, our Supporting Membership will help the Con and enable you to enter the wonderful competitions. Sign up now!

For full details of membership costs and plans, check out the membership section of our website at

Hopefully, you have all been thinking about your competition entries: In fact, some of you have done more than think and have already sent us some entries, which is very exciting!

See below for updated information about submitting entries to the various contests.

Art competition

We have decided to display Photomanip entries digitally, so when they are ready, please send them to the Con email If you also want your pic to be sold or auctioned, please bring a hard copy with you (or post it if you are a supporting member). A backup disc, especially if you are submitting several entries, can be posted as insurance.

Entries for the other art competitions (photomania and non-digital art) should be brought with you to the Con, or posted. Let us know and we will give you a postal address.

Don't forget that the "non-digital' art category covers everything not produced on a computer, and includes crafts as well as what might be viewed as 'traditional' art. So, if your hobby is crocheting frals or making silver-thread macrame versions of Spock's left knee cap, (or, umm, other parts of his anatomy) or knitting Gorn, or making pottery Andorians or scrap-booking or card-making or...or ... then submit something Trek related and let others enjoy and perhaps purchase your creativity!

Writing Competition

The rules for this one remain the same, but please submit your entry as a Word Document (if that's a problem, email with the title at the top but no author's name, please. When emailing your entry, please let us know what name or pen-name you want attached to the story/ poem for the big author reveal AFTER the winner is announced. Also, please mention where in the story the required words appear so we can check - much as we enjoy reading K/S (and we really, REALLY do!) if we get a last minute rush of stories (ooh, goody!!) we might not have the time to read them all before we have to finish and circulate the zine to you for the all important voting!

There are no font requirements or restrictions, but please make sure your chosen font is legible, and not too small! We won't be editing the stories in any way - so please do self-edit carefully or think of having it beta'd - but if we can't read the font without a telescope or going cross-eyed, we will ask you to change it, or allow us to! There is also no limit on story length, but please remember that this is a SHORT story competition and that people have to read the whole zine beforehand to vote at the Con. If your story is the K/S equivalent of War & Peace, no-one will have time to read everything!

Finally, please note that there is a maximum of 2 stories and 2 poems per attendee/supporting member. Entries can be published elsewhere 3 months after the Con - as you have paid to attend/ support the Con, we think you deserve that little bit of exclusivity!

You can find out more in the Competitions section of our website at


There has been pretty much a deafening silence when it comes to offering to run/help run a panel! We have had a few offers - grovelling thanks to those lovely people!- but we still have a lot of slots to fill, so we need even more gorgeously wonderful volunteers!! You can talk about anything K/S related that interests you: The use of weather imagery in K/S stories? The sexual psychology of Vulcans? A lecture (with diagrams) entitled 'How big is Kirk's willy?' Absolutely anything!

We will be setting the K/S blue velvet poodles and their Tribble-fur lined thumbscrews loose on you all soon, so now's your chance to leap into the sunshine of our adoration and volunteer before the poodles are unleashed or someone else grabs your favourite topic!

Seriously, though, if you would be happy to run/chair a panel on your own or with friends, but have no ideas, get in touch and we will do our best to help you come up with a subject that appeals. It really is just a matter of saying something at the start, encouraging other opinions and comments and winding things up to keep to time. Lots of people have lots to say, so don't worry about having to keep talking after the first few minutes - in fact, you might be lucky to get a word in edge ways! - and at least one of us will be at every panel to offer support in the unlikely event you need it.


We already have a number of fabulous prizes for the charity raffle, but thought we'd just say that if anyone would like to donate a K/S or Trek trinket or item that would make a really great raffle prize (test: would I be thrilled to win this!?) do let us know.

Any questions to, and don't forget our website at!

Have a great Easter!

Anne & Chris

Live long and prosper
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