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Update #3: KiSmet Con now has the minimum number to run!

Posted on behalf of the KiSmet Con co-chairs.

So... Just about six months to go until the Con, and we wanted to update you and remind you all about the amazing competitions awaiting you at Kismet 2016!

If you are unable to attend the con, we invite you to become a supporting member. For that you will be helping support the convention, and some of your membership will be donated to a charity for COPD; plus we will send you the membership pack which will include an electronic version of the con zine as well as other goodies and, of course, you will earn our unending gratitude! You can find out more about the supporting membership at

Contests and Prizes

For those considering attending, we are running a bunch of competitions as detailed below, and have some wonderful prizes lined up for these, all highly desirable! We scoured the known galaxy for Kevas and Trillium, but failing that, settled for some very select items! There will be special prizes for each of our contests and plenty of raffle prizes (as anyone who remembers Chris from ANY British K/S Con will be aware that she takes raffles quite--umm-- seriously). And as we plan to have both pink and green raffle tickets available, how will you be able to buy just one strip? You can find out more in the Competitions section of our website at

Vidding Contest

The eagle eyed among you will have seen that our website has been updated to show that this contest is now open to all K/S vidders, wherever you may be, whether or not you are attending the Con. Our very own T'Lara is waiting to receive your new song vid creations. Whether you are new to this wonderful craft or a seasoned vid creator, we’d love to show your vids at our Con and vote for the best! For full details, please go to the Vid show section of our website at

Con Zine

Please note, because members will be voting on their favourite con zine entry, with a prize for the author, submissions will only be taken from members and supporters.

By now, some of our members will be hopefully thinking about a story, poem or even a piece of art for our Con zine. We are looking forward to reading the creative ways that our authors use the contest words, augment and gratuitous in their stories. Probably not in their poems, though that would be impressive!

If you are not very experienced as a writer, the zine is the perfect place to try out your talents on a very grateful public and, as we've heard (shhh..whisper it) some very well known and loved K/S writers are intending to submit, this could be your big chance to have a story in the same zine, and maybe win a prize as well! For further details, please go to the Con zine section of our website at

Please send your submissions to the Con email address, that's

Art Contest

For the same reason as our Con zine, the Art Contest is only open to those coming to the Con or supporting it.

There are three categories, no less, including one for all of us, whether conventionally artistic or not, with a prize for the best in each as voted for by members. They are:

1. Photo manip
2. Non-digital art
3. Photomania!

To explain that last category, what we’re look for is for you to take or find a photo of Kirk and Spock and tart it up, electronically or otherwise (green glitter and pink sequins anyone?) This is the category created by a typo (and can't you tell!!) and is designed for both the technologically expert and the technologically inept. Go wild with your computer or a pair of scissors and a glue-gun (preferably not at the same time) and just have fun - that's what Kismet is all about!

Let us know your art work titles, if you can, before the Con, and just bring your art along to display. Our resident art show organiser, tracionn will be happy to help you display to best advantage. Any more details, check out the art section of our website, all together now…!

And let's not forget the CAKE TOPPER!

We welcome more art entries: create a pic (clean!) that can be used on the Kismet con cake. Just imagine how proud you'd be if your art is reproduced in glorious icing to adorn a very special cake!! Send in your pics now! Please send entries to the Con email at

Con Membership Update

Our numbers have moved to just above our minimum, which is great and has reduced our blood pressure nicely (pills now in the bin). So, the Con is very definitely On! It was good to have a poll on our KiSmetCon Facebook group recently, and found that others who haven’t yet signed up are still planning to attend. We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you aboard.

Our membership price is fully inclusive. What you get is a single room with ensuite bathroom at a fabulous venue set in 24 acres of rolling countryside just outside London (which has hosted two previous K/S cons), as well as all meals for the weekend, snacks and unlimited hot beverages.

Instalment Plan
Our instalment plan, if you need it, is second to none, as we can tailor it to suit you. And if you are already paying in instalments need reminding of your outstanding amount, we can do that.

Full details of membership costs and plans, once again, check out the membership section of our website, that's, as if you didn't know by now!

We hope to see you in September!

Anne & Chrissy
KiSmet co-chairs
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