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Update #1: Announcing KiSmet 2016

2016 is not only Star Trek's 50th Anniversary year but also KISMET year!! (FANFARE!) This is our first formal update, to let you know what's happening and give you some information about competitions etc. so you have plenty of time to prepare.


Firstly, we have 15 people who have actually told Chris that they want to attend. Of these, 11 wonderful beings have paid some or all of their money. Many thanks to you, you know who you are!!

Now, we are aware that it's still early days, folks, but this is not the 20 that we really need to go ahead with the Con, and we would ideally like even more than 20, so if you are intending to come, please do get in touch with Chris at the Kismet email at the bottom of this post, and send in your money, or an instalment, as soon as you possibly can. Chris will make it as easy as she can for you to send her funds in which ever way is best for you.

As a reminder, the full amount is £235. What you get for this:

* Membership to the convenion with all the panels and competitions
* Convention goody bag to include a DVD of the vid show, and other little surprises
* Full board at the venue: accommodation (your own room with ensuite bathroom) and all meals: breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday, dinner on Friday and Saturday, as well as hot beverages and snacks throughout each of the days. This is actually LESS than we charged in 2013!

If you want to stay on Sunday night as well, then the cost is £317. Please not that while breakfast on Monday morning is included, dinner Sunday night is not. There is a bar on site that sells food, so those of us staying will buy our own food and eat together there.

Further details of the venue and location can be found in the Venue section of the website.


We are planning an Art Show, and an Auction if there are enough contributors. If you want to exhibit anything, just bring it with you, but please also let us know in advance at the Kismet email address below. If you want to auction anything you are exhibiting, please let us know the title and description of the piece (medium, size, minimum bid etc) no later than 1 August.

There is an art competition, the categories for which are set out below. You are most welcome to exhibit and auction items without entering the competition; just make it clear to us what you're doing. Further details can be found in the Art Show section of the website under Programming.


We have lots of contests running over the weekend. Winners of all competitions will receive a prize. They will be announced and prizes awarded at the Closing Ceremony. Please note that the competitions are only open to Con attendees (you must have registered before you submit your entry/entries). You can find details of each of the contests, and their criteria for entry in the Competitions section of the website.

Cake Topper Competition
We are running a competition (no prize, just huge kudos) for the design of the cake topper for the Saturday night dinner. Please email a cool design to us at the Kismet email below no later than 1 May. Members will be given the chance to vote for their favourite with the results being kept secret until the big reveal on Saturday night!

Note that as the topper has to be professionally printed onto icing, if it is a photomanip it must not be explicit! Other entries may be used for printing onto other Con related items.

Art Competition
There will be three categories:

i. Best photomanip (A4 max size)

ii. Photo mania : this is a category accidentally created by typo! Take a photo of Kirk & Spock and pimp it up to make it funny (A4 Max size)

iii. Hand-made (non digital) art.

Please bring the pieces to the Con with you, but let Chris or Anne know at the Kismet email address below by 1 August the name of your competition piece, so we can prepare the voting slips. Voting will take place over the Con weekend. All competition pieces may also be auctioned, of course.

Best Songvid
A maximum of two entries per attendee, please. All entries will be played over the Con weekend and voted on by attendees. Arrangements for getting these to us can be found in the Vid-Show section of the website under Programming.

Con Zine
Entries from members only.

i. Best short story: to contain the words "augment" and "gratuitous".

ii. Best poem

The Con zine will be circulated electronically to all registered members around one month before the Con to give everyone time to read it and cast votes at the weekend.

Please get all entries to Anne or Chris at the Kismet email address no later than 10 July. Entries will NOT be edited, as there will not be time, so please triple check grammar and spelling before submitting! Further details can be found here in the Con Zine section of the website.

There will be a caption competition, a cosplay competition and other daily competitions over the weekend.

We are planning to have a LOT of panels because we all love talking about K/S! That's what Cons are for, after all. This means we need a LOT of ideas and a LOT of volunteers to run those panels. Please email Chris or Anne at the Kismet email address below with your ideas/suggestions.

You don't have to run the panel just because you suggest the subject, though it would be great if you did! All running a panel involves is telling everyone your thoughts at the start and then sitting back while everyone else wades in. Not hard, honest, and you can of course do it in pairs if you want, for support. As the programme takes shape, we'll publish details in the Panels and Talks section of the website under Programming.

Have we whet your appetite? Please let us know if you'd like to attend by emailing us at or you can sign up directly at the website in the Membership section.

That's all for now, folks! Watch this space.

Anne & Chris
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