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Update #7 - KiSmet K/S con, UK 2016

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Posted on behalf of the KiSmet Con co-chairs.

Hi Folks & a Big Welcome to the penultimate Kismet update. The Con is now less than SIX WEEKS away (that faint wailing sound you can surely hear is the two of us staring at our "still to do list"!) Aaaaaargh!


We are really pleased to say that we now have 30 people attending the Con as well as five supporters wishing us well from afar, which is absolutely wonderful! So, if anyone else is thinking of joining us, we would love to hear from you, of course, but the absolute sneak-in-under-the-wire deadline for registrations is August 1 (just in case you didn't notice the banner above!) so if you want to register please get your anti-grav skates on and head over to Our Kismet Con website AT ONCE! We are waiting to hear from you...

Con Zine

This has come out really, really well, with more than 130 pages (Say again? Yes, 130 PAGES!) of stories, poems and artwork. This will be circulated to all attendees and supporting members by email by the beginning of August. It will be PDF'd so if you need the software to read it, please download it as soon as you can. Most of you should already have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your devices and if you don't, it's free to download. (Crumbs, that actually sounded as if we know what we're talking about! Next stop, an A-7 computer rating and a station on the Bridge!)

So... If you can, read the Con zine before Kismet (it's a tough job, but we've nominated all of you to do it! Seriously, though, it's wonderful and we think you'll enjoy it-- a lot! Such talented members we have.) Then you can cast your votes for best story and best poem over the Con weekend in time for the grand prize-giving on Sunday afternoon! Of course, you can read the zine all night at the Con as well: we can all play 'spot the sleep deprived zombie-like members' at breakfast! Voting papers will be provided at the Con and supporting members can vote by email.

Authors' names will be revealed after the prize-giving on Sunday and will also be posted on this group.

Information needed!

PLEASE NOTE: If you haven't already given Chrissy your preferred Badge Name, or notified us of any dietary requirements, we'd be grateful if you could just drop an email to the Con email address or to, if you prefer, in the next week or so, please. Those who have been to Lane End before will confirm that the food there is very good and plentiful, but if you need to have your gagh presented alive or you are allergic to fresh plomeek soup (or dairy!) please do let us know.


Oh myy, as a certain Helmsman might say, do we have some panels and activities for you! Lots & lots of them. In fact, so many you may not be able to catch your breath between breakfast and bed! So, read the Con zine and watch a few Trek movies or episodes to get your K/S brain cells into fighting trim!

One of our Panels is entitled 'Remembering Leonard Nimoy' and will give people an opportunity to share their fondest memories of our favourite Vulcan and one of our favourite actors, if they want to: Did you ever see him on stage, with or without Bill? Did you ever meet him in person or maybe have a precious memento? If you'd like to bring your treasures and talk a little about them during this panel, our fabulous moderator will help you to do so.

Those of you running panels (you lovely people, you!) will receive an email a few days before the Con, letting you know when over the weekend your panel will take place. We have generously taken the 9 am panels on Saturday & Sunday ourselves, (Chrissy: 'we HAVE?'), so no-one will have to present anything very early in the day. Except us. See what we do for you???

Art Competitions

Just a reminder that the deadline for submitting entries to the photomanip competition is 1st August. Please email them to the con email address,

Other Art entries (Photomania & other) can be brought with you (or posted, if you prefer: contact Chrissy for details) but we need to know what you are bringing by the 1 August, or as soon after this as you can, please. Just email us the title of the piece, the medium and rough size, so we can prepare the voting cards. Our brilliant art co-ordinator Corinna is waiting to hear from you with bated breath as she sharpens her...umm... whatever it is that art co-ordinators sharpen: Pencils? Crayons? Wits?

For those of you still thinking about a photomania entry - give it a go! If you don't think you're an artist and you couldn't design with a computer if the fate of the Universe depended on it (or even if you can!) this could be the category for you! All you have to do is take a photo of Kirk & Spock and pimp it up to make it funny or pretty (or both!) After that, anything goes! Go wild with your editing software or print out a favourite photo, cut it up, stick it onto a different background, throw on some glitter, stick on some feathers, trim it with lace, a plastic dinosaur or a fried egg, encase it in jelly (nb that's jello for our US friends!) or Andorian gilded plexiglass ... just follow your fancy wherever it leads and have fun!

Costume competition

We hope by now that you have all started turning your ideas into glorious reality. Or at least have started to horde the sequins? For those of you still thinking, how about basing something on a TOS episode title? If you have some black thread hanging around, how about "Catspaw?" Or if you have some silver contact lenses (and let's be honest, who doesn't?) "Where No Man has gone before"? Pour some green paint over an old TOS female crew member's uniform and come as Chris Chapel from "Amok Time"... the limit is your imagination - and the costume does NOT have to be elaborate, just fun!

Hopelessly Devoted to you!

As you know, Gilda has agreed to bring over copies of the new zine Devotion, which could save you a fortune on postage. Please order it from Kathy Resch on and pay her direct but ask her to send it to Gilda. There will be a deadline for doing this (sometime in August), but Gilda will post the details here when they are finalised. For those of you who have never owned a zine, here's an opportunity to get a brand new one from two excellent editors, and hot off the press to boot! However, be warned - owning zines is dangerously addictive. One, however tasty, is never enough....

Convention programme

We will be sending this out by email on the Friday when Registration opens, for displaying on your phone/tablet. How cool is that?! Paper copies will also be available at the Con. We will also post the programme on this group on Friday afternoon so non-attendees can see what we're up to - and (with attendees' permission) we hope to be able to post pictures from time to time as the weekend progresses.

Lifts from the station

Just to say again that if you are arriving at High Wycombe station between 4-6 pm on the Friday and would like a lift from the station, please let us know what train you are intending to catch and we'll try to sort something out. Likewise, if you are likely to be passing the station between those times and would be happy to pick up a fellow fan, please get in touch. We have already had a couple of kind collection offers, which is really great, but the more we have, the easier it gets, of course. Thanks!

If you prefer to make your own arrangements and just hop into a taxi, they are available at High Wycombe station, or you may prefer to book in advance so a taxi can meet your train. Hopefully, you can share! Local taxi firms are:

Neales 01494 522555,
Tiger 01494 558080,
Crown 01494 446644
A1 01628851466.
NB We have no personal experience of any of these firms!

Friday events

In case you were wondering exactly when to arrive on the Friday, Registration starts at 4.00pm with our very first "early bird" panel starting at 5.30, followed by an icebreaker session at 6.15 or so (where you will learn more than you ever thought possible about your fellow attendees!) and then dinner at 7.00. Between 4 and 5.30 there will be zines available to read, tea & coffee to drink, other fans to chat with, things to play with and even live entertainment in the form of Anne & Chrissy running around screaming...

Staying longer?

If you are wanting to extend your stay in the area for a few days either side of the Con (the area is only half an hour or so from Central London by train) don't forget that Chrissy has a list of B&Bs in the area. Just ask if you would like her to send it to you. Again, no personal experience, of course but they do have recognition from the local Tourist Information Board!

Hope that covers everything. The final update will be posted round about 26 August, but in the meantime, any questions, just drop us a line!

Anne & Chrissy
KiSmet Co-chairs

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