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Update #6 - KiSmet K/S con, UK 2016

Welcome to the Kismet update for JUNE! Only two more updates after this one and then it's the Con! Time has flown over the past year and now all the fun is just around the corner...

Here we go, then.

First, some reminders:

We have 28 people coming to the Con at the moment, with 5 supporting memberships from various parts of the Federation, so we're very pleased! There remains, at the moment, still some space for more, which is good!

The absolute deadline for registration (and final payment of instalments) is 1 AUGUST, which is now less than 6 weeks away: we want to stress this, because there are several people who have said that they intend to come but who haven't signed up yet. Time is fast running out, folks, so if you do want to attend now is really the time to go for it! Just look at the website,, or message Chris ASAP!!

For those of you paying by instalments, Chris will be in touch in the next week or so to let you know how much you have outstanding. Hopefully, you know who you are, so this won't come as too much of a surprise/shock!

We have had a great response from lots of wonderful people and have managed to fill pretty well all of our panel slots now, though if you've just had a great idea and want to put it to us, or are still in talks with Chris, we can always fit you in! Just contact the Con email and one of us will grab you with both hands! We want people to be thoroughly entertained, interested and challenged throughout the Con so the time will be packed full with workshops, panels, talks, competitions and lots of other fun things to do from morning till night. Well, that's the plan, anyway!!

We'll soon be sending a brief email round to all of our lovely volunteers to confirm what they are doing, so if there are any changes, let us know.

Con Zine
The deadline for zine contributions is 10 JULY, as we need some time to pull it together and get it round to all attendees and supporting members to read before the Con. Please send all contributions to the con email as soon as you can.

Don't forget that the short story must contain the words 'augment' and 'gratuitous' - and please let us know where in the story they appear in case we have a last minute rush and don't have time to read the story to check before we circulate the zine.

The poetry does not have to contain those words, though you're very welcome to try if you feel brave enough. If you're into more traditional verse, there are a few words that rhyme with 'augment', though 'gratuitous' could prove rather more tricky!

Finally, a reminder that we will NOT be able to edit or beta the contributions in any way. They will be published just as we receive them, so please self-edit carefully or get a friend to do it for you before you submit it.

It looks as if we have the makings of a concert, folks! Some great musicians have offered to perform for us on the Friday night after dinner and from the sound of it, it's going to be a treat! We may even be able to have a sing-a-long! Who knows all the verses of row, row, row your boat - apart from Spock?! (Sorry, there will be no marsh-melons at dinner: out of season).

We would still love to hear from more of you, of course, so if you have thespian leanings and want to perform Kirk's 'risk is our business' speech, or an extract from Hamlet as interpreted by Leonora Karidian (sorry, no overloading phasers allowed - fire regulations) or want to play the Star Trek theme on the spoons or on the Balinese nose flute, do let us know! Seriously, though, musicians, actors and comics are all very welcome! Please do get in touch. We will be a very friendly and supportive audience, we promise!

These should be a highlight of the weekend! Deadline for vid submission (preferably by Dropbox or similar download link) is 15 JULY but please get them to T'Lara as soon as you can. Further details on the con website under 'programming'.

Saturday night is costume night! There are prizes! And we will all be able to vote! We know that there are some very interesting costumes underway already, so don't worry that you'll be the only one dressed up when you come down to dinner in that tight, shiny green leotard & swimming hat with trails of green tinsel as frals... (If anyone wants to use that idea, please feel free - just don't all rush at once!)

Don't forget to send your entries for the Photomanip competition to as soon as you can, please, and no later than 1 AUGUST

Other art entries can just be brought along with you, but please let us know what you're bringing (size, title etc) by 1 AUGUST. If you're a supporting member or just don't want to carry your precious art, please contact Chris on for a postal address.

Bring & Buy
We hope you have started clearing out your cupboards of all that lovely Star Trek stuff you want to find a new, caring home for! Well loved zines, toys, books, magazines, mugs... The list is endless. This will give you all a chance to find that objet d'art you have been searching for, that ideal curio to complete your decor - or just make a little money to buy more zines with! Some of the zines in the zine library will be for sale, so empty out those piggy banks before you come.

About that, just a reminder that Gilda, one of our members attending from the States, has said that she is happy to bring over copies of the new zine Devotion for those who want to save on international postage. See her post on the Kismet FB group for details.

This is great for those of us who were brought up on hard copy zines - a lovely new one to devour!- and for those who have never owned a crisp new (or any) zine it's a chance to experience the joy! For those who feel lucky, one of the raffle prizes will be a copy of Devotion. Yes, really!!

Arriving at the Con
There are four trains an hour from London Marylebone to High Wycombe and the journey takes 20-25 minutes. Lane End is then a short taxi ride from High Wycombe station. If anyone coming by car will passing by High Wycombe station on the Friday afternoon between 4-6pm and would be prepared to collect a few passengers en route, please let us know! Likewise, if you're coming by train, when you know your arrival time into High Wycombe let us know and we'll try to match passengers with available drivers. Worst case scenario, we can at least try to get you into groups for a taxi share.

Please try not to arrive before 4pm, if at all possible. Registration begins then but the programme won't start until a little later, and we will be running around like headless Gorn trying to get things set up (it's never pleasant to see grown women sobbing, especially those in Trek t-shirts!). Early arrivals will still be loved and adored, of course, but may be shoved in a corner with a cup of coffee and a zine and ignored for a while!

Any questions about anything, just ask!

We are looking forward to seeing everyone in
September!! YAY!

Anne & Chrissy
KiSmet co-chairs

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